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Who are we?

MP Edu Boston is an online educational platform based in Boston, United States. We offer a wide range of practical, strength-based, and results-driven learning solutions for all our students. Right from the elementary level up to even an adult - MP Edu Boston has got you covered!

Our teaching method is unique and functional as it involves 1:1 coaching. We don’t believe in generic learning methodologies. MP Edu Boston’s classes are fun, convenient, and flexible!

Our academic mentors don’t just teach knowledge. We help you apply what you have learned. Students will work 1:1 with us in focused, enthusiastic, and engaging online sessions. In a nutshell, we are everything you are looking for in your brighter future!



At MP Edu Boston, we don’t just provide you with an online tutor. Instead, we provide you with a complete and modern way of learning specifically designed to tailor to your personal goals.

We ensure results by incorporating three pillars of learning into our teaching platform: content, effective strategies, and mindset coaching.

Top-Notch Teaching and Learning Content

Our comprehensive, personalized curriculum is designed in consideration of individual interests and levels. We don’t offer monotonous lectures or conventional teaching methods. Instead, we provide fruitful learning content that connects well with the students and is well-retained.

Effective Strategies

Our tutors are mentors who help students question, explore, find answers, learn, and apply. We motivate students to engage and be the main player in their learning process. We don’t impart knowledge to students; we learn together with effective and dynamic learning strategies.

Mindset Coaching

Our 1:1 tutoring sessions coach students to develop a mindset in learning. We equip students to practice effective goal setting, time management, focus, organization, resilience, creativity, curiosity, and clear communication. We prepare and nourish their minds to face the world with the right attitude.

Our History

Words from the CEO

“I felt that the tradition of prioritizing only academic achievement had its limits. What I have learned from my experience and studying in Boston is that first, true education is completed when students discover their strengths, value them, and actively contribute to society. Second, a teacher should be a person who, as a facilitator of learning, concentrates on the student's ability, develops the competency, and walks along with the student's development journey. The reason MP Edu Boston was established is for students and teachers to work together to achieve sustainable and holistic growth.”

“MP Edu Boston believes that students should take the initiative in learning. This is because the learning experience is determined when the student accurately conveys his or her opinion. Knowledge can be leveraged only when students achieve their goals independently. Now is the time for students to change into active knowledge producers rather than knowledge consumers. I am convinced that positive results from such transformative education are our hope and future!”

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