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Middle school

Middle school can be an exciting time in a student’s life. It is during this time that your kids will start becoming increasingly independent with their studies. They will now be smart enough to take more responsibility for their learning and communication. In addition, their capabilities, individuality, and personality will start shining through in a much better way.

Middle school is when your child needs a lot of attention to be able to find their path efficiently. We help students do just that! We help them see their own potentials, polish their talents, and let them know about all the wonderful opportunities open for them.

The online middle school curriculum by MP Edu Boston will prepare your child for high school while building upon subjects and concepts they learned in elementary courses. We encourage middle schoolers to take the lead in their studies and be more confident as they move towards their high school years.


With our language-based curriculum, we lead students to discover the basic elements of communication and literature in a variety of literary and informational texts. We help students to look for key ideas and reinforce details in our interactive comprehension sessions, and then learn how to effectively communicate ideas through their own writing. The course provides a review and practice of the conventions of Standard English in grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

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Subjects We Offer For Middle School 1:1 tutoring

Reading Comprehension




Speech & Debate


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