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High School

High school is challenging, but it can also be fun and memorable if taught the right way. Learning to deal with these challenging years can become a lot more efficient and enjoyable with our unique and 1:1 learning approach. We believe that learning online is a natural fit for teens of today. They use technology quite efficiently to connect with each other and their interests every day, as they have grown up with the internet. So, what could be better than taking advantage of the benefits and possibilities of a reliable high school learning program like what we offer?

high School Curriculum

Our high school program focuses on the communication and interaction skills of high schoolers so that they are fully prepared to step into successful college life. We help your high schoolers by finding what interests them and following the path to achieving success in their future lives.

In addition, we also offer 1:1 test preparation courses for high school students to help them gain high scores on various aptitude tests, such as AP, SAT, and TOEFL.

MP Edu Boston


Subjects We Offer For High School 1:1 tutoring

Reading Comprehension




Test Prep: AP, SAT, TOEFL


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