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Personalized 1:1 Learning Process

At MP Edu Boston, we don’t just offer you tutoring or knowledge transfer. We offer you much more than that! We provide you with a personalized learning experience designed just for you. Our mentors will give you a 1:1 learning session that will not only be a lot more engaging and effective, but will also have content that is designed specifically for your learning needs.

We understand that every child and every individual learns differently. And we completely acknowledge and appreciate it. That’s why, we use a concise and accurate personalization process to ensure that you learn exactly the way you want to. We begin with a free consultation session. During this session, we analyze each student’s strengths, aptitudes, and interests by a systematic and professional method. This enables our experts to understand your needs and create a customized curriculum for you.

This specially-built curriculum is then delivered to you by expert mentors in 1:1 learning sessions. These personal sessions help you take control over your studies the way you want without any pressurizing factors.

The education you need is already here - just for you!

Together to a Wider World

Our Tutoring Subjects

At MP Edu Boston, we offer a wide range of learning programs and courses for different grades and levels. Our tutoring sessions are planned according to each student’s individual needs and requirements.
Our tutoring subjects include:

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Subjects We Offer For Elementary 1:1 tutoring

Reading Comprehension

By incorporating a gripping and age-appropriate reading comprehension session, we ensure that each student learns how to interact the right way. It encourages the problem-solving and understanding capabilities of each student, improves their vocabulary, and develops independence and self-learning.



The comprehension exercise teaches students to actively participate in listening. Learning how to listen helps develop mindful thinking and boosts the concentration and attention span of each student.



Learning how to speak helps each student learn the challenges that come with communication. It allows the student to learn how to deliver their ideas the right way. In addition, the act of speaking acts as a great confidence booster.



Transferring your thoughts and ideas onto a piece of paper is one of the most critical aspects of learning and education. With writing, the students are able to share their views with confidence. Moreover, it helps increase their vocabulary and writing capabilities significantly.


What do we offer with 1:1 Learning?

With our 1:1 learning sessions, you will have access to:

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