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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our learning sessions are incredibly effective, even if your kid wants really high results. That’s because we design a personalized curriculum only after conducting a consultation session. This session allows us to know your child’s strengths and interests. Consequently, we are able to create a curriculum that gels perfectly with your child’s needs.

You can get enrolled in our learning programs any time you want. There is simply no reason to wait. As all our programs are 1:1, online, and personalized – you can enroll any time as per your convenience.

Personalized training means that our training and teaching approach is created specifically according to the unique needs of our students. We don’t use a general or same teaching approach for the students. Instead, we consult with them, understand their needs and objectives, and then create a customized training curriculum for them.

However, our personalization process does not just end on the curriculum and content. Our 1:1 sessions allow us to teach each kid according to his/her pace and needs. So, from the start till the end, our whole teaching approach is personalized.

Our teaching approach does not just focus on academics, but we also aim to boost the confidence and communication levels of our students. So, by the end of a learning program with MP Edu Boston, you can expect to have a more confident, motivated, and focused child. In addition, better grades and higher test scores!

MP Edu Boston offers highly affordable and reasonable prices. All the prices vary according to the number of sessions, the program you opt for, the time consumed, and the curriculum.

Yes, currently, we are only offering online or remote classes for our students.

As our sessions are 1:1, the students can easily interact with their mentors directly.

We conduct all our online classes on Zoom. You will just need to have access to a reliable and steady source of the internet to conduct the session. You can use any device with Zoom on it as we support a variety of devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. So, you can choose any device at your convenience.

The time consumed in completing a course is variable. It depends on the student, the curriculum, and many other factors. We never force the students to speed up or adapt at a pace that does not come naturally to them.

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